What can entrepreneurs and marketers learn from the ‘Creator Economy’?

Trevor Young
3 min readSep 3, 2021


I see so many business owners tying themselves up in knots when it comes to content and social media.

They listen too much to the ‘gurus’ who peddle *cough, cough* quick fixes and surefire blueprints to stratospheric success (within six weeks!!).

They listen to the hype around certain tools, platforms and technologies, and proceed to bounce from one shiny new thing to the other, without spending time understanding what it is they want to achieve, and working up a strategy to get them there.

Again, they’re after a quick fix (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!)

Critically, they haven’t taken the time to develop an underlying philosophy around the use of content and social media, and how they fit with their brand’s overall PR and communications.

At worse, they look at their competitors, and wonder if they should be doing the same things as they do.

May I suggest that, if you fall into this category as outlined above, go to Google now and type in “creator economy”.

The Creator Economy is a big deal. It’s big — HUUUGE! — and it’s getting bigger.

What’s the relevance to business owners and marketers?

Simple. It’s where all the content ‘heat’ is at the moment.

According to Mark Stenberg from Medialyte:

The creator economy consists of individuals with unique skill sets using platforms to monetize their craft.”

Bona fide content creators (or ‘content entrepreneurs’, as Joe Pulizzi likes to call them) are busy building their media channel, growing an engaged audience (and, I might add, considerable influence along the way), and then creating products and services to serve that audience.

[ RECOMMENDED READING: Joe’s The Tilt newsletter ]

When it comes to businesses (large, medium, small and micro), that’s what they should be doing. The only difference is, they’re *starting* with the products and services first.

When it comes to the Creator Economy, THINK:

👉 Marques Brownlee
(MKBHD YouTube channel — 14.4 million subscribers)

👉 Polina Marinova Pompliano
(Writer/newsletter publisher — The Profile)

👉 John Lee Dumas
(Author, Podcaster — Entrepreneur on Fire)

IN SHORT: These are the people we should be checking out, and seeking inspiration from. They’re at the cutting edge of what’s happening currently in the world of content marketing and social media.

Don’t follow your competitors (and end up looking like them).

Go to where the *real* action is and absorb ideas and insights that your run-of-the-mill content marketer (who is probably copying everyone else) can only dream of … and start putting them to work in your business!




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